Welcome to Komang Ary Indonesian Arts Gallery, conveniently situated on Jalan Anak Agung Gede Rai Lodtunduh Village Ubud Bali Indonesia. We preserve, share, and celebrate the rich heritage of Indonesia with an exquisite and eclectic collection of traditional ethnography art objects, each unique, museum-quality item is for sale, and each has been individually selected for its excellence, authenticity and timeless beauty. Statues, textiles, ritual artefacts, sacred objects, paintings,furniture which was traditionally-hand-made in the 18th to mid 20th century, and much, much more is waiting for you to admire, enjoy, purchase and take home.

As most of the objects are antique ritual art, we only sell a few collections directly through this website. However, please contact us if you have any special interests or are looking for something in particular; we can send detailed digital photos on request and correspond with you by e-mail.

Collecting Indonesia art objects as a penchant to the masterpiece of the Indonesian ancestors which has high historical value.

Process of collecting this art pieces is so much fun, learn the history was remarkable blessing, knowing how great civilization in Indonesia in the past is a passion in life. Outstanding collection straight from it sources.